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Captivated by God's glory. Compelled for His name.
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Captivated by God's glory.

Compelled for His name.

At Captivate Church, our hope is to build a community that is captivated by who Jesus is and compelled to live in the love that He has shown us. 

So no matter who you are or where you have come from, you are invited to see the transforming power of the good news of God and to share life together.


a church for all people

No matter where you stand with Jesus, Captivate Church is a place where you can grow your life with God. We love exploring what the bible says together with people of all ages and walks of life. 


a church for exploring faith 

We are always ready and willing to explore your questions about Jesus and life. 


a church for enriching families

We love making church a place where the whole family can enjoy coming together to worship God.

a church for encouraging faith

We grow friendships and community around sharing what it means to know and live for God together. 


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