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love your neighbour

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No matter where you are from or what you believe, loving relationships are almost universally prized in our world. Without functioning relationships all sorts of things start to fall apart. Without flourishing relationships it is hard to imagine a life of joy and satisfaction.  

Christians reflect Jesus in showing his love to the world. Our spiritual maturity is not simply a function of our relationship with God. It is also reflected and expressed in relation to God’s most precious thing in all his creation, his people.


how big is your gospel?

Our last two talks were given by a dear missionary friend who serves in a sensitive part of the world. If you would like to catch up on those bible talks please email us at info@captivatechurch.org


impossible mercy

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‘Jonah and the Whale’ is a familiar and spectacular story for many people who have grown up with a Christian background. Yet the real message of Jonah is far more shocking than him being stuck in a big fish. Jonah presents to us the challenge of God’s surpassing mercy. Rediscovering this will help us see the shocking and scandalous nature of a gospel.


all for God // all of life

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Over the history of the church, whenever people have tried to summarise the overarching goal of the Christian life, they have not referred not to any specific activity but rather the affections of the Christian. The journey of maturing as a Christian is founded on and fuelled by a heart that loves and glorifies God. Men and women who have been given this new heart are those who will strive to know God in his fullness and faithfulness, learn to love him with our whole being and serve him in his power. 


the son of God

The Son of God - A Study of the Gospel of Matthew [long].jpg

The gospel of Matthew is here to show the world that Jesus of Nazareth is indeed the Christ. Through the history, the narrative, the teaching, the theology in the gospels, we first come to know God. We are introduced to his plans and his purposes and behind all that his person. The story begins with the awe of Emmanuel, ‘God with us’. It finishes with a call for us to be wrapped in this very story ourselves as we follow a God who is “with you always to the end of the age”.


mission unstoppable

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teach us to pray 

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Speaking truly and deeply of God has always been the power and joy of the believer. In Christian prayer, we demonstrate not only discipline in the commands of God but also delight in communion with God. We pray to our Heavenly Father because he loves to hear us; we pray in the name of Jesus Christ who intercedes for us; we pray with the words the Spirit supplies. Prayer, far from being a superficial or peripheral activity, is at the very heart our walk with God.


true freedom

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We have a strange relationship with freedom. On one hand, freedom is one of Australia’s most treasured values, on the other, freedom brings about tension and mistrust. We say things like “there’s no such thing as a free lunch” and at the same time we deeply believe things like education or healthcare should be free and helps us to be free. We want to be as free as we can be but we start to get insecure when everyone gets to do whatever they want. So what do we think about freedom?



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Giving is in the DNA of being a Christian. Why? Because giving is what God does. Our God is generous beyond our imagination! It is God’s surprising grace is the key captivating and compelling factor for Christian generosity. As we think about our generosity, we must first be recipients of God’s generosity in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Only then, might we be able to live and give as his glad image bearers.


the kingdom is at hand

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The kingdom of God has slipped out of the everyday language of Christians over the years. For many people the idea of kingdom doesn’t seem to relate to their faith or their life in tangible and significant ways. Yet the Scriptures it packed with the idea of kingdom.
This is God’s story. It is not a story about a far off land with an obscure ruler. It is about the king who came to save us and reestablish his rule. We long to worship the true king of heaven and earth who saves us.



Risen series art [long].jpg

The resurrection radically turns our hopes and dreams on its head. The Chrsitian message "is not fundamentally about us and our needs, but about Jesus and his status. The Gospel is not a suggestion (“have you ever considered Jesus?”), not is it advice (“You know, things really would be better if you included Jesus”), not is it a plea (“Hey, everyone, vote for Jesus”). It is, at heart, news. It is gospel. And the news is that Jesus is Lord." 


mission unstoppable

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The book of Acts brings to us an new era in God’s plan for his world. It is the exciting story of the beginnings of the church; preaching the word, growing in number, facing opposition. It puts front and centre; the fulfilment of God’s promises, the gospel of the risen and reigning Jesus Christ and the onward march of the Holy Spirit in the people of God. 

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saved for glory (pt 2)


What does it mean to live as God's people after you have been saved? Follow the Israelites as they wander through their years discovering what the promise of God truly means. 


the most glorious gift

The Most Glorious Gift series art [long].jpg

What does it mean to be saved by God?

As we come to understand what it receive God's grace, we come to appreciate its great glory. Not will we marvel at what Jesus Christ accomplished on the cross. We will see how this undeserved gift is applied to our lives in all it's transforming power. 

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real spirituality

What is real spirituality? 

Almost everyone has their own idea of what spirituality looks like. Is it found in self expression? special activities? serving the community?

The Corinthian church also faced this confusion and contention. The message of 1 Corinthians 12-14 is that living out the love of God in Jesus Christ is the hallmark of real men and women of the Holy Spirit.   


why believe?

Why Believe? series art.jpg

Belief undergirds much of what we do whether implicitly or explicitly. What we believe plays strongly into how we behave. We unpack some assumptions and misconceptions about believing and ultimately faith in Jesus Christ.


following Jesus 

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saved for glory

Saved for Glory series art

There is perhaps no more formative part of the Hebrew story than what is told to us in the book of Exodus. A tale of grit to glory for Israel. We begin with the people of God enslaved in Egypt, groaning to God but ends with the glory of God, dwelling amongst his free people.

It continues to challenge us today what it means to know God not only as Yahweh but as Jesus Christ. It challenges to live and serve not as slaves but as his sons.

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rooted and built up


What are the things that anchor you in your life?
What are the things build you up in your life?

For Christians, understanding who Jesus is and what he has done for us gives an incredibly satisfying answer to those questions. Paul tell us "Therefore, as you received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in him, rooted and built up in him and established in the faith, just as you were taught, abounding in thanksgiving."

Join us each Sunday as we study Paul's letter to the church in Colossae as see what it means to be rooted and built up in our lives.