what's happening in our community. 

june 2018

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We know it's always a bit of a challenge to visit to a new place. We want to make sure you know that we are here to look after you 🙋.

Newish happens right after our Captivate Church service on Sunday June 24th. Come along to meet new friends and find out what  church can be like for you.

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Christianity Explored course

Our Christianity Explored course is a great way to have a go at reading parts of the Jesus story. It's an opportunity to think and discuss what it means to you. No prior knowledge required, just come along. Let us know that you're coming!

Our next round starts after Open House 2018. 


Community meal

How church puts on a feed every month to help us get to know one another and share in the good things God has given us. 

Join us on Sunday June 10th for a great spread and great company. 

Can you guess what's on this month's menu?


coming up...

Open House 2018

Open House 2018

The month of July is open house at our church. During the month our church will:
• introduce the Christian faith
• show you what church is like today
• extend our hospitality and welcome to you

Come along as we explore the place of freedom in our lives and how it engages with the person of Jesus Christ.