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Baptism 2019

Baptism is a celebration of God's wonderful work is our hearts, drawing us to life and faith in Jesus. Come and celebrate with those who are getting baptised the good news of salvation and new life. (Baptism will take place as a part of our usual Sunday service.) We’ll be serving lunch for everyone afterwards as well so hang around 🍛


getting baptised 👇



I went to church from as early as I could remember. Time and time again I found myself failing to live out the life God had called me to live. I prayed that God could change me, take this burden of sin away but that never happened. I began to ask myself, “How could God love me if I kept on sinning?” But even more than that, I was thinking to myself, “Why should God love me if I keep sinning and don’t love him?”

Trusting that God, the creator of all things, in all His holiness, in all His knowledge of the depths of my sin, loved me, to the point of sending His Son to die for me, changed everything.

“In this is love, not that we have loved God but that he loved us and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins.” 1 John 4:10


affirming her faith



During my time at Captivate, I have received faithful bible teaching from leaders and been surrounded by encouraging brothers and sisters. As I become a member of this church, I look forward to continuing to grow in my understanding of God and am committed to serving the church.


and new members joining the Captivate family



Over the last year God has truly blessed me by introducing me to s church filled with passionate, loving and energetic people who are willing to lift others up and spread the love of Jesus. If I had to sum up why I want to be a member, it’s because I’ve found a supportive family in Captivate and want to help others find a family in Captivate too.



Christ compels us to be in community with others in order to mutually encourage and point each other towards living in light of God’s truth, revealed to us in His Son. Captivate’s heart for nurturing a gospel centred, mission minded and bible-inspired community, has driven me to this point. Membership to this church is to show my commitment to the community, as well as actively committing to be a part by bringing as well as encouraging others to know the Lord deeper, not just on Sundays but because we are fellow brothers and sisters in Christ here at Captivate on a mission in this city. Thank you for being apart of our journeys today and being apart of this service! God bless x



Ever since my first day, captivate church has really welcomed me with open arms. After attending this church for about ten months now, I am able to see what Captivate stands for- a church who is captivated by His glory and compelled by His name. Therefore, by becoming a member of Captivate church, I hope to partner with my fellow church members in ministry and in mission to magnify God’s love and glory to me to others.