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Baptism 2018

Baptism is a celebration of God's wonderful work is our hearts, drawing us to life and faith in Jesus. Come and celebrate with those who are getting baptised the good news of salvation and new life. (Baptism will take place as a part of our usual Sunday service.)


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Too often I take for granted what a fortunate life I have had. I was always left dissatisfied and empty-handed. During university, I became friends with a number of Christians. There was something about them. They were radically generous, joyful and at peace with what life had thrown at them. After being convinced of the historicity of Jesus and years of learning about the character of God, I can truly say the single most satisfying event that has affected and continues to transform my life is the fact that Jesus died and rose to life again for me.



I grew up in a non- Christian family, but I was blessed enough to have a strong Christian upbringing through school scripture and boys brigade. I was challenged later on to look closely at what I truly believed in, what I was dedicating my life to. It took me a while but I realised how sinful I really was, which just made God’s grace and love so much more amazing. It was at this time that i found one of my favourite verses. “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.” (Js 1:22)




I was blessed to be able to attend a Catholic primary school for a couple of years. So I knew there was a god, but I didn't really know God personally. That unfulfilled curiosity about Christianity and God was always present but I never really followed through. Difficulties in my relationships and health drew me to God and church. It started to dawn on me that God loved me unconditionally despite how unworthy and broken I was. This was the pivotal point for me as a Christian.



I thought that since I was in a Christian family, that I was automatically by default a Christian too. God in his kindness and patience helped me understand the power of the cross and what the cross represented.  I learnt what it looked like to be living the way God wanted me to and was really challenged about how I had been living prior to this. I want to keep my eyes fixed on the cross on what Jesus has done and to be a witness so that others may know of his Grace.



My first encounter with Christians was entering a room with strangers singing about Jesus which was definitely not how I wanted to spend my weekends. I was eventually challenge by a question I didn’t have the answer to: What is the point of valuing our success in this world, if it was all to ultimately perish, and where could we turn to find true fulfilment? With issues surrounding breakdown of family or relationships, identity or security, I didn’t completely trust God. It wasn’t until I understood God’s grace that I solidified my decision to turn to Christ. He did so without asking for anything in return; no selective school education, university degree, could provide that salvation.



Four years ago, if you were to ask me about Christianity, I was indifferent. Up till then, life was imperfect but easy. I was desperately seeking for something to believe in, the crazy me even visited a psychic once (which turned out to be a total scam!). There are many moments that gradually led up to me trusting God. I particular I read once that “In order for forgiveness to happen, something has to die”. God loves us so much that he can forgive us by using his own son as the sacrifice. How great god’s love is. If someone can go to such a great extreme for us, who am I to keep questioning him.


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People had always assumed I was a Christian, and I was happy to go with the flow. But over time, God has shown me that Christianity isn’t something you inherit simply by going to church. Being at Captivate has helped me understand that no matter how hard I try, I can never be deserving of God’s love – but God chooses to love me anyway. This good news is not only for me, but for all people. As I join Captivate as a member my hope is that I can share the love that God has shown me, and help others consider the good news for themselves.



While I can’t say there was an exact moment I became a Christian, I know God has been faithful to me . For me, being baptised as a kid has meant that I have seen God’s faithfulness in placing me in a strong Christian home where I was shown love and weakness and reminded that I can only find true comfort in God. While I have a great fear of commitment in all aspects of life, I am looking forward to committing to Captivate! I look forward to committing to work together for God’s kingdom and to bringing the gospel to our community but even more so I look forward to committing to this church family; to struggle and grow together, to share the gospel together and to be in eternity together. 



God continues to surprise me with His plan and purpose for my life. Over the last few years, God has shown me time and time again that he is in control of everything and even when I want be in control, His plan is always the better plan. During challenging times of my life, I thought God was so far away. But that was really when God was the closest, and I learnt the most about myself and His unending love. I want to commit to living out the gospel together, and celebrate both the blessings and tribulations God has planned for each one of us. I look forward to growing in faith at Captivate Church, and serving together as one body of Christ. 



I'm looking forward to doing the good works that God has set out for me, using the gifts he has given me, here at Captivate. I hope I can continue to encourage and be encouraged by others.