You're invited to open house at Captivate Church.

The month of July is open house at our church. During the month our church will:

  • introduce the Christian faith 
  • show you what church is like today 
  • extend our hospitality and welcome to you 

Come along as we explore the place of freedom in our lives and how it engages with the person of Jesus Christ. Refreshments provided each week for you to enjoy and meet people.

Sunday 10:30am,
201 Coxs Rd, North ryde

when did being free get so hard?

Our topics in July focus on freedom.

True Freedomseries art [slide].jpg

free or fear…           8th July
Freedom has become a point of contention in our society and a point of confusion in our everyday lives. Is our freedom empowering or paralysing? True freedom is not only liberty but life itself.

free to be…              15th July
How are we free to determine who we are? Do we inherit or invent our identity? True freedom should show us the way to be who we are truly called be. 

free to do…              22nd July
How are we free to do what we do? Do we get to do whatever our hearts desire? True freedom should pave the way to what we are truly called to do. 


real questions
We are here to engage with all walks of life. A highlight of the series will be a time to ask any questions you may have.


real people
Hear real stories of people who have struggle with doubt and wrestled with believing.


real food
We love our food. You're invited to supper and our community dinners each week.  


why not let us know you're coming.

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