every member of Captivate Church is a crucial part of the team.


Our leaders are here to facilitate the growth of every member of the Captivate family. 


our pastor

Alan Au 

Alan is happily married to Beatrice and is proud to be a new dad. Prior to becoming a pastor, Alan was a pharmacist. He loves to bake and dabbles in Brazilian Ju Jitsu. He gets excited about seeing people explore all the ways Jesus can transform our lives.  Alan worked for Sydney University Evangelical Union before completing his studies at Moore Theological College.


our pastoral assistant

Lucy He

Once upon a time Lucy mixed with the suits in the big city finance sector. Now she spends her time investing in and caring for women at Captivate as well as equipping our members for living out the gospel. Lucy has served at Campus Bible Study and at various churches around Sydney as she completed her studies at Moore Theological College.

Lucy He

our elders


Ethan is married to May Sze and has two young daughters.

Ethan leads one of our community groups and is involved in membership care.



Jason is married to Wei and is enjoying being a new dad. 

Jason looks after the mens ministry and is involved in growing the maturity of the church. 


Kelvin spear heads our gospel community groups and looks after mobilising members into ministry. 



Matt is married to Betty and together they have two boys and two girls.

Matt leads a community group and facilitates how we magnify God in our gatherings.

our student pastor



Ryan is married to Lynne and they recently welcomed the newest and cutest member of their family. He has completed a 2 year ministry apprenticeship with Sydney University Evangelical Union and is undertaking further training at Moore Theological College. He will be assisting in our church wide mission in reaching people for Christ.